Andrés Batista

Discografía solista (Long-play)

1965 Guitarra flamenca E.M.I. Regal
1965 Olé flamenco             "          "
1966 Guitarra flamenca     "          "
1967 Mosaico flamenco     "          "
1968 Calés y flamencos      "         "
1968 “Poetic sentiment of Japan Odeon Toshiba with flamenco guitar” con el Maestro Antonio Francisco Serra
1969 Flamenco guitar Parlophone Inglaterra
1970 King of flamenco E.M.I. Alemania
1973 Contrastes flamencos Belter
(con orquesta)
1975 Candelera
(con el Maestro Antonio Francisco Serra)
1977 Los mejores guitarras Impacto
(con Manolo Sanlúcar y Paco de Lucía)

Cuatro obras (Single)

1963 Punteo flamenco Belter
(Con el Maestro Antonio Francisco Serra)
1965 Olé flamenco E.M.I. Regal
1967 Ritmo flamenco   "        "
1968 Ímpetu flamenco "        "
1973 Andrés Batista y su guitarra

Crítica Calés y Flamencos

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- por Ricardo Romero, Director de la Emisión flameca de "La voz de Cataluña"

Crítica Guitarra Flamenca

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- por Sebastian Gasch

Repertorio de Dúos, Tríos, Cuartetos y Quintetos

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- Andrés Batista


In the world of flamenco there are many excellent guitarists, but few can be thought of as brilliant. However, Andrés Batista belongs to those few who have risen above all and have placed themselves in a class of their own. He first played with Carmen Amaya--the almost legendary flamenco dancer-- and with Vicente Escudero, as well as María Marques: he has played in practically all the capitals of europe, and in marry has appeared as a solo performer. His success is not surprising when one listens to "Guitarra Flamenca--Andrés Batista" (Parlophone o PMC7028 o PCS7028), an excellent LP, both artistically and technically. Side 1 offers his own Suite Flamenca, a brilliant piece presenting some of the principal flamenco rhythms--Tientos, Alegrías, Seguiriyas, and Bulerías-- together with Improvisacicmes Flamencos, a haunting and perhaps even intellectual approach to flamenco music which I found unusual and interesting. Side 2 offers the lighter side of flamenco, with two rumbas and a tango played in flamenco style and raised to a very high level by Batista´s brilliant guitar playing. And in the same vein "flamenco!" (Saga o ER08033) is well worth listening to. If features a very good Spanish guitarist.

- William Gilman